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Board of Directors
2018 Board Meeting Dates
Jan 29
Mar 26
May 21
Jul 23
Sep 24
Dec 03

All meetings, except the meeting on Jan 29th, are  scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM and will be held at McMillan Center, 489 2nd Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47807.  The meeting on Jan 29th will begin at 6:45 PM and will be  held at MCL Banquet Center, 1 Meadows Shopping Center, Terre Haute, IN.  All meetings are open to the public.

2018 Board Meeting Notice

The District is governed by a Board of Directors composed of five representatives from each of the District's six counties, plus a representative appointed by the Governor.  Three members from each county are senior elected officials, or their designated representatives, and the two remaining members are appointed by local elected officials to represent the private sector.  Elected officials serve a term of office that coincides with their elected office.  Private sector appointees serve a two year or until such time as the appointing authority appoints their replacement. 
Commissioner Judy Anderson, President
Vigo County Board of Commissioners
County Councilman Larry Moss
Vice President, Clay County
Commissioner Jim Meece
Vice President, Parke County
County Councilman Darrel Thomas
Vice President, Putnam County
Sullivan County Private Sector Rep. Tim Garrett
Vice President, Sullivan County
Mayor Jack Gilfoy, City of Clinton
Vice President, Vermillion County
Mayor Duke Bennett, City of Terre Haute
Vice President, Vigo County
City of Greencastle Rep. Jinsie Bingham Treasurer City of Sullivan Private Sector Rep. Judy Harris

Commissioner Paul Sinders
Clay County Board of Commissioners

Councilman Jim Howard
Parke County Council

Mayor Brian Wyndam
City of Brazil

Steve Waltz, MD
President, Rockville Town Board

Shane Litz
City of Brazil Private Sector Rep.

Debra Olson
Town of Rockville Private Sector Rep.

Bill Sisson
Clay County Private Sector Rep.

Parke County Private Sector Rep.

Commissioner Don Walton
Putnam County Board of Commissioners
Commissioner Bob Davis
Sullivan County Board of Commissioners
City of Greencastle Private Sector Rep.
Councilman Jerry Payne
Sullivan County Council
Ken Eitel
Putnam County Private Sector Rep.
Mayor Clint Lamb
City of Sullivan
Commissioner Tim Yocum
Vermillion County Board of Commissioners
Councilman Brendan Kearns
Vigo County Council
Councilman Randy Dreher
Vermillion County Council
Hans Eilbracht
City of Terre Haute Private Sector Rep.
Becky Miller
City of Clinton Private Sector Rep.
Dave Williams
Vigo County Private Sector Rep.
Joanie Kanizer
Vermillion County Private Sector Rep.
Beau Baird
Governor's Private Sector Appointee

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